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Smart Remodeling

You want to get the most out of your remodeling dollars. In order to accomplish this you will have to plan well. Smart remodeling begins with planning. Utilizing the available space you currently have to the full is far less expensive than embarking on a full blown addition.

One of the key problems with existing homes is poor use of space. The result, all too often, is a chaotic home that doesn't flow or function well.

Reasons for Remodeling

  • Dated design
  • Poor layout
  • Bad traffic flow
  • Dark / Not enough natural light
  • Cramped / Too many small rooms
  • Poorly functioning kitchen
  • Too many sharing a bathroom
  • Disorganized/ no storage

Big Picture Remodeling

You really need to look at your home as a whole when you are remodeling. Diagnosing and remedying one room or problem may only serve to aggravate problems in other areas of your home. Think ahead. What will your future needs be? You don't have to remodel everything at once, but having a whole home remodeling plan will help you to avoid costly re-fixes. At the same time you can remodel in comfortable stages that work with your remodeling budget.

 Keep the Footprint - Redesign the Layout

Much can be done to your home while still maintaining its existing footprint. First draw your home's floor plan and then rearrange where rooms appear on the layout until you find the best fit. Clever solutions sometimes become obvious when you relocate a clumsy closet or a poorly placed powder room. The new layout will flow better and be more open. Consider where you may need to beg, borrow or steal under used space from in order to add functionality to a kitchen, or traffic flow to a common area. One great trick is to recess your refrigerator into the wall by sneaking some space from a near by room or closet. Making a dining room smaller could allow for an larger open kitchen with a breakfast nook. Once you have a better idea of what you want enlist the help of a architect and have plans drawn up.

Build In Storage

Storage is essential to a well-organized home. A home that is well organized feel more open and function better.

A key area to include storage is a mudroom. The mudroom is the family's grand central station. It is a place where they drop their things on the way in and grab their belonging on the way out. Having a place for everything, including a place to charge cell phones and iPods helps the family keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle.                             

Walk-in closets, laundry room organization, kitchen cabinets, built-in bookcases and storage will keep your floor space free for furniture, foot traffic and a feeling of openness.


Remodeling a room, or an zone, so that it serves more than one purpose maximizes the space available and frees up room elsewhere for other important elements. A guest room could double as a sewing room, home office, a laundry room could include room for working on projects. A zone in the kitchen could be the family's message center, be a bill-paying station, house the phone and store mail.


Window and Doors

A tremendous way to increase the natural light into the home is through more windows, larger window, skylights, french doors and sliding glass doors. Adding windows and doors need not serve the single purpose of making your home more energy efficient, they can also give the outside of your home a facelift, provide better access to the backyard, and make the inside space seem larger. Raising the height of your windows, by making them taller, can allow sunlight to enter further into your home, reaching into previously dark regions.

Relocating the Stairs

Sometimes a remodeling project requires a major change for your stairs.

Poorly placed stairs can consume valuable living space and be awkward to access.

Reversing or moving the stairs can unlock many design problems and improve the circulation in a home. The objective with positioning stairs should be to have rooms revolve around a centrally located landing.


Article by Jinky Bagagnan