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Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling


You do not need to completely overhaul your bathroom to give it an updated look. A bathroom remodel can be done on a small scale with a small budget. By focusing on renovating one area, or a simple paint job, you can create a whole new look. You can even incorporate some new technology into your bathroom up-fit.

To remodel your bathroom wisely, take into account how you currently use it. Is there an area that is lacking and could be used more efficiently? Is it simply not eye-pleasing enough? Are there just a few items that are out-of-date? By pinpointing the aspects you want to change, you can remodel your bathroom inexpensively.

New Tile
New tile can change the whole look of a bathroom. You do not need to retile the entire room to have an impact. You can tile above the sink or tub. Choose colorful glass tiles or painted tiles for more pizzazz. Colored grout can also emphasis your design.

Freshen your cabinets
Give your bathroom cabinets a facelift by painting, staining, or re-facing them. This is less expensive then replacing cabinets completely. Sometimes simply adding a glaze can bring a fresh, new look. If you need additional storage you can add shelving or an additional wall cabinet above your toilet or other open wall. Choose new hardware for your cabinets to bring everything together.

Upgrade your light fixtures
With all the new styles and designs, upgrading your light fixtures is easy. Be sure to choose a style and finish that blends with the rest of the décor and any other updates you are doing. For eco-friendly options choose LED or CFL fixtures and bulbs.

Replace your plumbing fixtures
Replacing your plumbing fixtures can also bring new life to a bathroom. Again, remember to choose a finish and style that blends with your other choices. New low-flow plumbing fixtures can also help you conserve water and money.

Don't forget the walls
The most inexpensive way to remodel your bathroom is to change your wall covering or wall color. You can use faux painting techniques, stencils, or a bold, sassy paint job. Wall coverings today also have many different textures and designs to create many different looks.

Upgrade your electrical for new technology
As people spend more time in their bathrooms, new technologies come onto the market to accommodate their needs and desires. You may need to have an electrician come and update your wiring so it can handle these new gadgets. Heated towel bars, TVs, sound systems, facial saunas, and more can all bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom at a bargain price.

Article by Jinky Bagagnan