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How to Find a Remodeling and Room Addition Contractor

by Alicia Rowe


You have decided that your home could use some extra space. Whether you are remodeling a basement into a game room or building an additional bedroom, you will probably need some specialist help. A contractor specializing in remodeling and room additions is your best bet for a great new space. Use this guide to find a great remodeling contractor.

A well thought-out plan can be your most valuable asset in this process. Before you even begin looking for a contractor, sit down and really think about what you want from this project. Decide on the room type, your style, and your budget. Being able to communicate clearly what you want, and how much money you have to work with will enable you got get quicker, more accurate answers and quotes from contractors.

Once you have your plan together, it is time to put together another list. Your next task is to gather names and numbers of potential contractors. However, where should you look? Start local! Ask family and friends if they have had any similar renovation projects, and if they know of a contractor they can recommend. Good online contractor matching services are also available. These services tend to allow you to specify the exact type of service and contractor you will need.

Once you have narrowed down your list of contractors, it is time to start making phone calls. Three truly is the magic number here, as you will want to discuss your project and receive bids from at least three contractors. Thoroughly cover your wants and needs for this project, and keep in mind that it is easier for contractors to give you accurate bids if you keep your story consistent between each call. Be sure to get references from each contractor. Be diligent and call each referee!

With all of your bids in hand, it is time for contractor comparison shopping! Go over the details of each bid and weigh the pros and cons. Keep in mind that price alone should not be the determining factor. A cheap price may mean cut corners or lower quality materials, but the highest price does not necessarily mean the highest quality. Take into account the contractor's history, references, the materials to be used, and the planned renovation methods. Do not be afraid to call back and ask for deals!

Once you narrow your choice down to one estimate, contact the successful contractor and start planning together. Make sure you get decisions in writing to avoid any later confusion or disagreement. Now the contractor selection process is over, you can get started on building your new dream room!